Devotions from Judy’s heart,

Today I read from Ps. 4:5 about putting our trust in the Lord. Then when I went to my devotional book, “Jesus Calling,” the word for today was the same. Don’t you love when the Lord does that? He wants to be sure we get what He is saying. The author is suggesting we form a new habit of saying, “I trust You, Jesus”, no matter what happens to us in our day. When we know He is control, fear flees away and we start to see things from His perspective. Then all our circumstances can become opportunities for growth as we affirm our trust in Him. I know growing up I had lots of fears, especially of storms and many other things.  I am finding though, that He gives grace to handle whatever comes. Just recently we have gotten e-mails from friends going through very hard circumstances and see them trusting, even though at this time it is difficult. God sees the whole picture and wants us to trust in Him even for the things we can’t see. Ps. 62:8 tells us to trust in Him at all times, and to pour our heart out before Him. He is so worthy of our TRUST in all things.