Devotionals from Judy’s heart

Sometimes we want to be so helpful but can actually be in the way if we are not led by the Spirit. We are told to “keep in step with the Spirit” and what does that mean?  We need to pay careful attention to how He leads us and follow that lead. As we were quilting at church one Monday, a visitor stopped by from out of town. She went over to where someone was sewing and told her she could fix the brushes on the machine. The other gal said the machine was fine and didn’t need fixing. But the gal persisted that she could fix it and wanted to know when she could come back. Eventually she got the message, that her help wasn’t needed. The same day a gal watched another gal and me measure off and cut the large roll of batting into quilt-size pieces. She was free then and wanted to help out of the goodness of her heart. But  it actually took longer with her “help”. I wonder how many times the Lord has to tell us to get our hands off of something and let Him do it. We are in the way by doing what He has not called us to do. Let us be careful to listen to the Spirit so that are “steps are established by Him.” Ps. 37:23