Devotions based on Michael Buchanan’s book, Spiritual Rhythms

We are continually being invited into greater rootedness with the Lord. The abiding or the rootedness, comes first, or else the fruit tends to be plastic: pretty to look at but bad for nourishment and taste.

Seems like in the winter season of our lives, faith grows deeper and it is also a season for pruning and cutting back those branches that are just leafy but not bearing fruit.  What’s in our soil, or lacking in it, might be weakening our roots and choking our fruit too. Let us ask ourselves what poisons may need scouring out?  False beliefs?  Childhood wounds? Old tapes? Etc.  Root work is important because it gets down to what feeds our hearts.  It is digging under the surface to either remove toxins or to mix in nutrients that will create flourishing.  As we get rid of the toxins we may need to mix in the nutrients of grace, truth, forgiveness, thankfulness etc. Let us bear fruit that is hardy and sweet which comes from sharing His life, His thoughts, His attitudes.