Devotions from Judy’s heart

Yesterday at our Bible Study group we studied the book of Mark. What stood out to me was the story of Jesus transfiguration ( Mark 9)  on the mountaintop with  Peter, James and John  present. They must have been so filled with awe as they saw Jesus blazing whiteness and light, Moses and Elijah’s appearance, and the voice that spoke of Jesus’ belovedness. Wouldn’t you have wanted to be there too? The day before our study Al and I were in Grand Rapids to get our eyes checked. We had our eyes dilated and when we came out of the office we could hardly see. Usually they give us sunglasses but none were offered that day. Everything shown brilliantly and was so hard to just focus. I thought of Jesus transfiguration that day and then was so surprised when it was part of our lesson yesterday. Jesus brilliance reflects light from within Him and we can’t take it all in.  He comes to us in so many different ways and reveals His glory and purity and power. Sometimes we have those mountain top experiences like Peter, James and John, and we would really like to stay on the mountain and not come down. But there is much to learn in the valleys and the ordinariness of our lives. Let us praise Him in whatever way He reveals Himself to us whether it be a mountain top experience, or grace in the valley, or his presence in our every day mundane lives. He is always present with us. Always!