Devotions from Judy’s heart

 I am just back from my prayer walk and it is a windy but sunny day with everything covered over in a white blanket. I saw 3 deer prance to the right of me and 2 eagles on the lake eating fish left by the fisherman. It’s great to visually see nature at its best but there is so much going on that we can’t see. I saw many animal tracks and when I got to my cousins to check on her hot tub, it looked like a family of deer had had a party in her driveway by the tracks they left behind. I thought of how wonderful we think it is when we see such visual signs of God at work and just know it is the Lord….like maybe a vision or a specific word that is only known to us; maybe a parking place that opens up for us when are in a hurry; or maybe goose bumps or warm heat as we are being healed of something. But what about the times we can’t “feel” his presence or see His answer to our prayers?  If we look hard, often we can see his “tracks” and know He has been there before us. But even when we can’t seem to, we have His promise that He is with us and answers our every prayer. Yes, it is nice when it is obvious but He wants us to trust when we can’t see. We are never abandoned or alone.  As a child I learned the song, “No never alone, no never alone, He promised never to leave me, never to leave me alone!””