Devotions from Judy’s heart,
When the pastor’s who were here on retreat went for a sauna, Al had to empty out the frozen water in the pails and get fresh. So he dumped a big ice chunk in our back yard and it is still there and may be until spring. Every time I go out the door I see this block of ice and think what it takes to melt it. If I took it inside our house and put by the warm stove, it would be melted in a very short time. But out in the cold, it will take a long time. It reminded me of people who are like that island of ice and rather cold towards people and distant towards God. We may feel like leaving them alone but how will they ever change and come to know God? When we take them into our hearts and show them love, it may be the only way they will melt and be able to receive. Often it is the crustiest people that need the most love. How often God uses His children to show His love to those who might not even know their need for Him!  All people need love, even those that appear self sufficient and without need.  Let us be His welcoming presence to all we meet and not just to the warm friendly ones.