Devotions based on James Smith book The Good and Beautiful Life

Our minds are imprinted with narratives that begin very early in life. The way we handle money can be traced to our early experiences regarding material wealth.  When Rockefeller was asked how much money he would need  to make him happy he said, “Just a little bit more”. This kind of thinking is fueled by the false narrative that I am alone.  I am on my own. It is based on fear.  A word not used as much today is Avarice and means an excessive desire for money or material possessions.   Both the stingy and the spendthrift can share the same belief that it is money that makes one happy.  God wants us to reject mammon and love and trust Him, which is the real path to peace and happiness. Jesus said there are two kinds of treasures we can invest in (heavenly or earthly), two kinds of eyes ( generous or stingy), and two deities we can serve (God or mammon).  Earthly treasures are temporal; heavenly treasures are eternal.  Mammon says it can produce peace and happiness but it fails. God promises peace and happiness and always delivers. Let us invest in His kingdom!