Devotions based on James Smith’s book The Good and Beautiful Life

More today on real treasure.

Wealth pretends to offer what we want from God- Security, comfort, and happiness. That is why we are prone to serve money. But money is not the real issue; our hearts are.  It is possible to be very poor and serve mammon; it’s possible to be wealthy and have a kingdom heart.  The inward issue – where our heart is set – is what really matters.  Matt. 6:24 says we have to choose which master we will serve, God or mammon.  Mammon wants us to deny God and slavishly pursue happiness through wealth. God want us to reject mammon and to love and trust Him.
Our kingdom narrative should be that “God will provide for and protect me and mine and therefore we are free to seek His kingdom and invest the resources He gives us for His work. God is out for our good and has endless resources. We can never out ask God.” 

Earthly treasures decay. Heavenly treasures accrue eternal interest! When we have the inner attitude of simplicity it will affect our outward decisions. This means having the right narrative about wealth, knowing that it is a provision from God but must not be treated as a god. Let us think about our possessions in light of His kingdom. One suggestion the author has during Lent  is to give away 5 things that would be of some value to someone else. That is a start!