I have been away from Canaan for the past two weeks.  We have been with family.  At present we are baby sitting our three grandchildren in Olathe, Ks. for a week.  So I feel a little out of the flow.  The posts I have been doing about a Father who delights in us, takes some reflection time for me.  I sense there is a message I need to get out (almost like  birthing).  For me it is hard work.  There is a part of me that wants to forget this birth processing.  But at this stage in my life, I sense this is the next step of obedience me.  I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined that I would be writing on a blog site.  But here I am, for any one out there in cyberspace to read what I have to say.  One thing I am convinced of  –  God isforming  a new message for our post-modern age that is taking many different expressions.  My burden is to help men grow spiritually.  God is calling forth a new generation of men, who are being shaped by a journey that is taking them deep into their hearts, having come to realize that they have lived on the surface, that is their head (the control tower), for too long.   

Since I have been away from what I call our semi-monastic, I will pick up on the Father’s delight in us men next weeek.  Today I would like to make some brief comments regarding the Super Bowl ads.  I just was amazed at all the material the ads presented  men to consider regarding the preception of the modern male in America.  Remember people watch the super bowl just for the ads.  There is a great deal of thought put into what will reach the psyche of men.  I would even suggest that if you belong to a group of men, that you would view some of the ads, discussing them from a biblical point of view.  These ads should demonstrate beyond a doubt that there is great confusion about the masculine in our culture.  Men desperately need to gather together to once again find their “masculine soul” as they cry out to their heavenly Father for clarity.

Here are comments that I gathered from the Internet chatter.  Believe me, there is plenty of it regarding these ads.  This is a golden opportunity for men to engage the culture to debunk the message that is presented.  Here are some of the comments:  “Portraits of men in embarrassing situations led to a larger theme in this year’s super bowl ads. – the emasculated male in tough economic times”   –   “Chrysler’s dodge charger ad.  featured shots of various men with voiceovers narrating promises to ther wives. ‘I will put the seat down’ or ‘ I will say yes when you want me to say yes.'”  -Flo-TV has an ad that portrayed an emasculated man in one of its spots.  A narrator introduced a character whose, “girlfriend has removed his spine, making him incapable of watching the game.”  The ad ended with a very clear message to men, “change out of that skirt.”  One of my favorite lines was from Dove soap. The ad. wants men to be “comfortable in their own skin.”  There seems to be an appeal to a more nurturing and caring man with the phrase “men and care.”  The day after the game, I bought USA Today.  There was a whole page ad for dove.  It said, “It’s about time you had a reason to sing in the shower.” Well, there you have it.  Just a sample of all their is to discuss. 

I for one was thrilled by the ads.  It was an expression of our wayward culture in full display trying to address the issue of maleness in our culture.  I do not know how the average male in America is able to find his way in such a confusing spiritual, moral and psychological swamp as our culture has become.  There needs to be a light, a compass and a voice to get us out of this swamp.  The light is Jesus, the compass in God’s word and the voice is the Holy Spirit, especially speaking in the midst of committed men who are crying out to God in one voice, “We want to get back our hearts.”   So men consider these ads as a prophetic call to men to get down to the business in recovering their masculine soul.  Be encouraged that what you are sensing in your heart for change is from God. “The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out” (Prov. 20:7).  Give yourself permission to trust the inclinations of your heart.  Also be assured that God is working among men today in a new way. “The lamp of the Lord searches the spirit of a man; it searches out his inmost being” (Prov. 20:27)