Devotions from Judy’s heart
While I was playing Badmitten with our grandsons in Charleston 2 neighbor dogs barked nearly the whole time. It got very old and we wished we could shut them up but they just kept on barking. I thought of how anxious thoughts can be like scappy dogs that keep on yapping. As we look at our economy and world crises, we can become anxious too. We can worry about our health, providing for our families, responsibilities etc that can weigh heavy on our hearts. Small anxious thoughts can soon dominate our thinking. We are wise instead to p;ut our trust in God who calms our fears. He is on our side and really loves us and acts on that love. He wants us to lay our burdens down and open ourselves up to Him. We are reminded in scripture to  “Be anxious for nothing” ( {Phil. 4:6) and to cast all our cares on Him. ( I Peter 5:7). Richard Foster said to just picture putting all our worries and cares in a box and wrap it up and put a bow on top. Then give it up as a present to the Father. He receives it and we mustn’t take it back. Let us trust Him completely that we may walk with Him faithfully into the future.