Devotions from Judy’s heart
At this time several of our friends are living in pain, in darkness or the unknown. But it need not be a “wasted time” or a time to “get over” quickly. Even though we also may experience a time of suffering,  it can become a time of awakening to God’s life in us.  It is not something to fight against but to let go and open to God. When we do this He becomes our source for each moment and in each relationship and in each activity.

As Benedict XVI said, “Life is a unique gift, at every stage from  conception until natural death , and it is God’s alone to give and to take. ”  We may be in good health or may share in the sufferings of Christ if He wills. Even when we our physical capacities are diminished it can be a spiritually fruitful time in our lives.

 Let us surrender to His love and  see God is in every trial and embrace Him in whatever way He comes to us.