Devotions from Leighton Ford’s book, The Attentive Life

What are the qualities of attentiveness?

  1. Being fully present in the moment. As we pay attention to the present, each moment stands alone and becomes a visitation.
  2. Looking long enough. As we look with absolute attention on something, it is like a revelation takes place.
  3. Looking freshly at what is familiar. We don’t have to travel far for we can have a fresh awareness of what is close by and can change us.
  4. Being available.  Attentiveness means a willingness to listen for God’s voice and being ready to obey.
  5. Becoming aware. To live in awareness that each moment is an art that requires practicing.
  6. Waiting with expectancy. To wait expectantly requires both discipline and commitment.
  7. Being mindful and wakeful. We are to come awake and remain awake.

Attentiveness is both a gift to treasure and a discipline to practice.

A good practice today could be to say The Lord’s Prayer with absolute attention. We may be surprised at what happens within us.