Devotions based on Mark Buchanan’s book, Spiritual Rhythm
What are the spiritual harvests that we can look for in the Fall season of our spiritual lives?  The author mentions 3 of them: a harvest of souls, a harvest of prosperity, and a harvest of Righteousness.

The harvest of souls is ripe and we need to look, pray and go. People all around us are hungry for something bigger than themselves.  We must not miss the moment but seize the opportunities the Lord puts before us and pray and go.

There is also the harvest of prosperity.  Paul says to sow generously and we will reap generously. It is good for our souls and makes us more like Jesus. “True prosperity is not measured by how much anyone has. It’s measured by how much they give.”  When we are generous in material things it creates bounty in spiritual things. And generosity in spiritual things invites generosity in material things. Each reinforces the other.

There is also the harvest of righteousness  or Christlikeness. When we sow to the spirit our thoughts, desires, attitudes, actions, and character are more conformed to His.  But this harvest requires that we submit to God’s discipline and that we seek His peace.  When we endure hardships it is an opportunity to grow and be more like Him. God allows these times for our good and to form his character in us.  James also says to seek peace and pursue it and sometimes that means risking our comfort for the sake of real peace. We may have to go through a storm in order to get there.

The Fall season is complete only when we deeply thank Him.  One day we may see that the worst things in our lives God has used as raw material for some of the best things in our lives.