Devotions from Judy’s heart

The day after Christmas my relatives gathered to discuss the future of
the Point. This is land and a cabin that my folks willed to us and is
loved by us all and full of memories.  Each one had opportunity to
speak, from the old to the young. I’m sure we had all been praying
before hand for what to do, and going into the meeting we had no idea
what that was. But God wants us to ask for wisdom and as is says in
Prov. 2:6, “For the Lord gives widom; from His mouth comes knowledge and
understanding”. About half way through the meeting one of the relatives
suddenly spoke up with a plan that seems like the answer and we could
all say “Amen” to.  We discussed it and agreed upon it and will now try
to implement it. We closed the meeting with holding hands in a circle
and praying together. How important it is to ask Him and wait for His
answer and all glory goes to Him!