Devotions from Judy’s heart

When I was playing scrabble with my sister-in-law over Christmas I
played a good word in the very place she planned to make a lot of
points. She “moaned” when I played and asked why I had to play there
since I was blocking her great move. But when she looked around the
board, she found another word and used all her letters and made much
more. I thought of how we may think that others around us may be
impeding our progress in our spiritual lives. They are blocking us and
we could be so much more if they were a certain way or did this or that!
  But that is not the case. God can cause us to grow even more in
adverse circumstances if we hang in there and look for the good He will
bring.  Let us not dwell on the behavior of others but see what God is
teaching us through it all.