Devotions from Judy’s heart,

Sometimes less is more! Sometimes simple is better! Outside on our
back porch Al hung a single lighted angel that he bought to replace
last years ornament that had “expired”.  It stands out in the night
for the outline of the angel  is all lite up. Now if we had lots of
lights on our back porch or whole house, I doubt you would even
notice the angel. But since it is the only lighted decoration, it
stands out. Why do we “need” so much when a little may be more. 
Years ago at Christmas children received only one main gift and that
gift was cherished. Now they receive so much and still want more to
satisfy their wants, not appreciating any one thing in particular.
On Christmas eve we went to the Lighthouse church and the service
was held in a house that had been made into an office. About 50
people showed up and the service was very simple and yet so
meaningful. There were lots of children and they helped pass out the
candles, bulletins etc. Pastor had a ceramic figure of baby Jesus in
a wooden box and before he unveiled it, he talked all about the
preciousness of the gift. We will all remember the “sermon” as it
was simple and yet profound. Let us not miss the significance of
something simple when we think we “need” more!