Devotions from Mark McMinn at Finding Our Way Home

Each of us has a story to explain where we have been and where we are going. We are making sense of things, looking at the past in light of the present and the present it light of the past.

Intuitively, we know we are crafted by God for something beautiful, and we yearn for it. But life is not always as we wish, and is full of pain and struggle.

Longing for home has 3 dimensions:  past, present, and future.

As we look back we remember the good, regretting the bad and wondering how things could have been different. We may have sorrow, celebration, remorse, and all sorts of emotions.

As we live in the present we struggle at times with sensing God’s love and presence.

As we face the future, we look beyond our broken world to eternity and our true spiritual home.

Mark Buchanan writes that the instinct for each of us is that this world is not enough, long enough, deep enough to contain or explain even one single life in it.

“We were made for eternity. The world is not enough.”