Devotions from Mark McMinn’s book, Finding Our Way Home

There is a rhythm to life of venturing out in an unpredictable world, being footloose, and then coming home to safety and comfort. 

When we try to insulate ourselves with a predictable life, our plans invariably fail because life is not predictable.. We cannot know what will happen tomorrow. IF we fail to see life as adventure, then we are going to  be disappointed.

The unpredictable life may have losses but it also brings spontaneous joy and good things.

We are looking for something deeper than we know. If we set aside the clutter of life and quiet ourselves long enough to hear the rhythm of our souls, we will see that we are searching for something deeper than a promotion, something richer than more material possessions or more entertainment etc.

Deep in our being we are called to settle back into a place of secure love. None of us have seen God, yet we are called by the promise of secure love into a relationship with the Divine.

We are frail and sinful and often fall down, but each time we choose to give up or to struggle back to our feet and head toward home, toward God, once again.

God always welcomes us home with open arms, regardless of the paths we have traveled …He just wants us home!.