Devotions from Just Betweeen Us magazine on envy

Envy is rooted in basic discontent with ourselves and is often expressed through jealousy over someone else’s opportunity.

Each of us is most susceptible to envy in the areas in which we feel most vulnerable or weak.  If we are not at peace with our identity and lack confidence, we may tear down others in an effort to boost our own worth.

We need to investigate the source of our insecurities. We must face our sins and let them come into the light and name them. That self-revelation, repentance, and true humility before God becomes a point of transformation and renewed vision.

A renewed revelation of God’s love for us frees us from the need to be better than someone else and the thirst for recognition and appreciation.   Then our identities will be rooted in our loving relationship with our Father and we will be free of the feeling we need to impress others.
When we know that God loves us unconditionally and wants a intimate relationship, we will experience emotional and spiritual transformation.
“Once we have faced our failures and rediscovered the Father’s love, we will be free to embrace our unique strengths and live in gratitude for God’s special work in us and through us. We will not only serve with humility, but also with confidence that “He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion.”