Devotions from Judy’s heart

God is so generous with us and always giving and giving.  As our spiritual eyes are open more and more, we will see that He is pouring out numerous blessings throughout our day.
As you know I have been celebrating my Big birthday in many special ways these past days. Our house is adorned with flowers, there are gifts piled on the hearth, I have been taken out for lunch, supper etc etc.

Now these expressions are lovely for my birthday but what if I thought I deserve this special treatment every day. Hummm!  What if I demanded it? Not good!  But isn’t that what we often do with the Lord?  He is sooo good to us in ways we see and also so many ways that we don’t recognize. And yet when a spiritual gift comes wrapped in something we don’t really like… a trial, a loss, a sickness…we rebel. God where are you and why is this happening? But often we grow the most through these gifts that test our faith. He knows just what we need to draw us closer to Him.  May we receive His gifts with hearts of gratitude and faith, as we trust Him who loves us most of all!