Devotions from Judy’s  heart

Steve Smith says in his book, Jesus Life: “To discover our true identity as the beloved of God is one of the most fundamental rocks we can build our lives on.” Everyone has a need to love and be loved, to care and be cared for, to know and be known, to celebrate and be celebrated. Last night Al and I went to see a movie about sex trafficking at a church in Remer, and it was so sad to see the millions of girls who do not know they are the beloved of God. Most all were abused in their early years and then loathed their lives as prostitutes later. But inside they felt they had no worth until they came to know Jesus and could receive healing and forgiveness.  The difference it made could be seen in their very countenance and miraculous changes in their lives. In Him we find a Mother, Father, sister and brother. We aren’t orphans but belong to a Father who absolutely delights in us. So many need to hear this message.  Prisoners of Hope, out of IHOP, is helping so many come to healing and wholeness.