Devotions from Judy’s heart

When Al was gone to Nevis lately, I did lots of catching up on a lot of smaller tasks that I have put off because of having retreatants etc. I was amazed at how quickly the weeds grow up, the sauna furniture gets full of cobwebs and dirt, the deck get full of pine needles etc. I had just cleaned these 3 days before. I wished I would have cleaned them again before the Nuns came as perhaps they couldn’t sit on the Adirondack chair by the lake as the eagle had left his signature behind! Maybe they wanted to sit by the sauna and take in the silence of the woods but it had cobwebs. I felt regret and wished I had taken the time for these tasks.  I thought of how the Lord must be sad too, when there is so much he wants to do through us in our lives, but we put Him off. We don’t take time to get inwardly prepared for what He has for us to do. I know I need a daily cleansing so the weeds of my failings and sins don’t pile up. Why do I put off even the small things that make a difference?  How much more we would experience of Him and would be more fruitful for His kingdom if we were on His schedule and had His priorities.