More devotions from Judy’s heart.

I think we hear so much today about TIME and we all seem busy and pressed for time. But there is enough time to do what God has for us to do and He wants to arrange our schedules. Recently we were getting a retreatant but another person stopped over and needed prayer ministry too.  I just prayed that God would handle the time element and His timing is perfect. Al gave spiritual direction first and called me in to pray with the first person. And don’t you suppose the very moment we finished our retreatant came to the door. Exact timing!   We all had tea together which worked out good too and I just thanked the Lord for how He just orchestrates everything in His perfect timing. I have had other times where wondered how I could get things done before the next group comes and it seems like everything got done in record time. The secret for me is to give it all to Him and not try to figure it all out. I am not in control…He is and therein lies peace.