More devotions from Judy’s heart,,,

This morning I read from Eph 5 about “giving thanks always and for everything” and truly this is exemplified in the lives of these nuns.  . They were so excited about coming to Canaan and have tried to fit it into their schedules for 4 years. They were like calves released from the stall and came so pumped.  They had enthusiasm about everything about Canaan and so appreciative. They noticed the tall trees, the sounds of the loons calling, the rooms with crosses etc.  At meal time they asked us many questions, even about how we met and fell in love etc ( remember they are nuns!) They ate everything served and so complimentary. They were thrilled with each getting a T-shirt with Canaan Logo on and I suspect we will all be wearing ours today. Sometimes it is good to be contagious and I certainly see that right before my eyes.  They are like “Joy bulbs” that just sparkle and give off light. Even one candle can give light to a room and they are just filling Canaan with their lights. Tomorrow, I may have to write more about them.

May we see the wonders of His love all around us through people and things He has placed near us.