Another devotion from Judy’s heart, I hope you don’t mind.

How we respond to difficult circumstances says a lot about us and our relationship to the Lord. When things get tough do we get bitter and complain or do we know that He is with us and will see us through?

We are back from the hospital in Bemidji after seeing my aunt. She was admitted late last night after a fall and got a deep gash in her head with 8 stitches, a big black eye, and broken ribs etc.  Al and I went to see her and to pray for her and then I had time to just sit with her. She began to tell me how blessed she was… first of all that her Dr. had changed her meds and took her off blood thinners a short time ago in the event she would have a fall and bleed to death. Then she was grateful that her pain had lessened, that her kids were there with her, that she had had time with Al and me a couple days ago before the fall, that she had such a caring nurse, that her daughter-in-law put the tourniquet on just perfect to stop the bleeding etc etc. And a wonderful blessing while we were there, a priest came and gave her communion and anointed her with oil.  Well, you can get the picture of her overflowing gratitude, that the Lord was with her through in it all.  As I was reading in Phil 4, may we also rejoice in the Lord and not be anxious about what happens to us, but just give it all to Him in prayer and with thanksgiving. Then His peace will flood us and keep our hearts and minds in Him. Rest well and may we remember all His rich blessings to us today