Devotions based on Trevor Hudson’s book, Discovering our Spiritual Identity

Jesus stresses the spiritual dangers of having material goods, but he also emphasizes how they can be used for good. He pointed out how the poor widow’s sacrificial offering expressed genuine devotion. Also, how the rich tax collector gave away half of his possessions to show that the rich can enter the kingdom of God. If we give generously, it strengthens our relationship with God and brings us greater wholeness. Jesus taught us,  “give and it shall be given to you.” Luke 6:38  Do we find it easy to give with generous hearts? Generous giving symbolizes the depths of our love for Him. It is almost impossible to give sacrificially without giving of ourselves at the same time. Our material resources represent personal time, talent and toil. As we give to others we impart something of who we are.  When we hang on to what we possess, we become possessed by our possessions. Behind money and material things there is a powerful spiritual force. “We dethrone money when, in a spirit of loving abandonment and confident trust, we give it away.”  We all have many opportunities to bless the lives of others by sharing our resources and it builds eternal interest! Let us start with a tithe as the bottom line in our giving and experience the joy of generous giving, which expresses our love.