Devotions based on Trevor Hudson’s book. Discovering our Spiritual Identity

Jesus talks a lot about money and possessions and what it means to put His kingdom first, to give generously, and to manage our resources responsibly. He talks about this more than any other topic, except for the kingdom of God. Our attitude and feelings towards money and possessions are shaped significantly by our childhood experiences and by the society we grew up in. Some live in fear of scarcity and so are not able to live in joyful trust and generosity. Either we put God first, or we allow money to capture our hearts and become our god. Instead of controlling our possessions, our possessions control us. Why do we tend to believe the lie that our well-being lies in what we possess? “ Worshipping material goods in the end leaves us feeling disillusioned, cheated, and spiritually bankrupt.  Even the poor can become consumed by the love of money, just like the wealthy. True security and freedom comes from centering our lives on Him and making the kingdom of God our focus. More tomorrow