Devotions based on Trevor Hudson’s book, Discovering our Spiritual Identity

All that we possess belongs to God….our house, our car our savings etc. It is good to reflect on the personal management of all that we own. Do we think that what is mine is mine and I have the right to use it as I please, or do we see ourselves managing our material goods as a steward of God? “Managing responsibly our material goods for kingdom purposes requires rigorous self-honesty, prayerful planning, and the mighty power of God’s Spirit.” It isn’t easy to keep things without clinging to them, to own things without treasuring them, to possess things without being possessed by them. Before we realize it, we can end up serving mammon rather than trusting God. Dallas Willard said, “Get all you can; save all you can; freely use all you can within a properly disciplined spiritual life; and control all you can for the good of humankind and God’s glory. Giving all you can would then naturally be a part of an overall wise stewardship.”

Let us not be seduced by wealth but manage our resources well for the greater purposes of God. That may mean asking the Holy Spirit to free us from greed and stinginess and sign our assets over to Him.