Devotions based on Scott McKnight’s book, One. Life
God’s kingdom happens when people are empowered by His Spirit to do His work in our communities. The Spirit transforms our human abilities and also transcends our human inabilities so we can participate in God’s kingdom community right here and now.  ”Where the Spirit is there is community. Where there is community, there is Spirit.”  Because we are not naturally loving and forgiving, it takes his Spirit for us to live in community. Community happens because the Spirit is designed to draw us to God and to one another in fellowship and community. We may have had bad experiences with annoying people or cliques etc. but it is still Jesus plan for kingdom community. A professor  and researcher from San Diego State said this present generation of 18 to 35 year olds are marked by anxiety and depression. They have been taught to be independent and to make it on their own. But the truth is we are wired to need others and to love them.. The church needs to offer this generation fellowship, caring, and real community. If we are looking for a perfect church we won’t find it. We fall short and we also live with others who fall short. But let us make a commitment to our local church for it is the way His kingdom takes root and where we strive to become a loving community. For this to happen we need God to flood us with His Spirit so we are empowered to become the community He has dreamed for us.