Devotions based on an article by Daryce Nolan in The Lutheran Woman Today.
Sometimes traumatic things occur in our lives over which we have no control and we may ask why. Instead of asking where is God in all of this, we should ask where am I in relationship to God?  Sometime we throw up barriers to Him and push others away rather than clinging to Him or sharing our need with others. Jesus experienced the most horrendous suffering and wants to be there with us in our suffering. We may not know where He is unless we look for Him in the scriptures, in the sacraments, and in the voices of family and friends. They are the hands and voice of God to our hearts. God’s love is even in the flowers sent to us by a friend. Some times we have to replace the lie that we have brought this on and replace those thoughts with hope of Christ’s resurrection power and new beginnings. We must choose light and love and to embrace the resurrection. The greatest example of God’s life-giving love is the resurrection. We can experience His touch and know that God will resurrect and bring life from our hard situations that make us feel so helpless. In our suffering He is there with us to comfort us and to guide us and never to leave us. All of us have times like these.  Let us remember God makes a resurrection for all of us!