Devotions based on Scot McKnight’s book, One. Life

As followers of Jesus, He expects us to sell out to Him and for Him and to give Him everything, including our deepest passions. He wants a kingdom commitment that doesn’t care about what others say and what others do to us; a commitment that loves our enemies, that cares for the poor, that forgives others, that gives our entire self. He doesn’t just want our talents or dreams, our mind, our job, our gifts etc. He doesn’t want anything from us!  He wants us, our One life! This is not a commitment to a system or an idea or an ideal. When we give ourselves to Him, He transforms our talents and our dreams, our abilities, our mind, our job, our gifts. He converts them into something for His kingdom. This happens as we give our total life to Him unreservedly. In every act of love we either give our heart or trade our soul…Jesus invites us to give ourselves to Him which is an act of heart and soul.”