Devotions based on Margaret Silf’s book, The Wayfarer

As we journey with Jesus we may come to the choice of whether we will follow Him into the place of suffering and hardship. It we do it will cause us to lean on Him as our rock and face the many things that may be unwelcomed to us.

That may also happen in our friendships with others when we must decide if we will go with them through a tough situation or whether we will desire our own comfort and security more. If we choose to be with that friend it will likely lead to life and reflect His attitude of love. “The pathway of extraordinary love, deliberately chooses to cross the threshold of his own suffering and death.”  Do we choose to live true to the core of our being and have the courage to implement those true choices in our real day-to-day experiences?  Jesus chose the way that appeared to lead to the loss of everything, in order to bring us with Him, home to the Father’s heart.

We also need to ask for grace to acknowledge those aspects of ourselves that lead us to betray, deny, abandon, compromise, etc. God wants to redeem these very things within us but we need to open them up to Him. It requires us to expose our hearts to Him for cleansing.  Then He can then strengthen the tendencies in us to be faithful, patient, and trusting.  We may be surprised at the new growth that will take place in our lives, even from those things that were painful!