Devotions based on Margaret Silf’s book, The Wayfarer

As we look back on our personal experiences of pain, we will often find it produced great growth in our lives.   In these very places of our brokenness that we thought was a barrier between us and the Lord, may be the very place where we find Him most readily.  “We shine with the light of God only when the scouring pads of experience have stripped away our rough edges and encrustations.”  We need to get in touch with our woundedness  and let these experiences be remembered in the Lord’s presence,  with the knowledge that in Him is a deeper security and peace.

The risen Jesus comes to us often in an ordinary moment that we so easily miss, if we are not looking with the eyes of love.  We must let go of the fears that dominate our lives and keep us captive, afraid to live out some aspect of who we really are.   Jesus wants to break through our blindness of despair and fears of uncertainty and empower us with new hope.

The resurrection is not an end but a new beginning. “We are called forward into the rest of our lives, not as mourner at the foot of our brokenness, but as carriers of the new life that has poured out of that breaking. “ Let us not cling to what is still earthbound but move on to all that lies ahead. Let us move on with empty hands that are free to receive all the gifts that are waiting for us along the forward journey.