Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book The Wayfarer

What does it mean to live and bear fruit for His kingdom?  Each of us does this in our own unique way as we live out our own unique circumstances and are open to God’s love and grace flowing freely through us..  One thing we all need is humility of spirit.  This calls us to accept the circumstances in which we find ourselves with a positive attitude.  IT means we actively seek to bring life out of those circumstances. We must choose to respond to our particular issues in a life-giving way and thus bring His loving presence to our world. Jesus infused love into every situation. His attitude was always one of forgiving love and mercy to those who waver and fall and find themselves in the captivity of sin. But those who hold others captive through narrowness, and abuse of power He vigorously opposed.    What are our underlying attitudes? Do we respond in loving, life-giving ways?

Even when we are bound by fear or feelings of hopelessness or helplessness we can invite Jesus into those situations and ask Him to touch them with His love. Also when we are rejected by another we can ask Him to set us free from our dependency on the good opinion of others.

May He help us to grow beyond where we are at now and to be opened to His way of living and loving.