Devotions based on Margaret Silf’s book, The Wayfarer

As we journey with the Lord we each have a unique calling.  To me as a housewife Jesus might have said, “Come follow me and I will help you to make a home where God himself may dwell.” To a nurse or Dr. the invitation might be to “Come follow me and I’ll teach you how to heal hearts and souls.”  To a fisherman he might have said, “Come follow me and I will teach you how to fish for the minds and hearts of your fellow men.”  etc

As we feel called to follow the Lord what do we need to take with us on this journey?

1. We need the staple food of Prayer. …constant communion with Him as we listen to Him and take time for Him.

2. We need trust . That comes out of our own helplessness, not from all our achievements.

3. We need integrity….The willingness simply to be true to ourselves with no room for pretensions.

4.  We need readiness…to expect the unexpected and be wakeful to notice God’s presence in our daily lives.

5. Wholeheartedness…to retain enthusiasm that we had when we first came to know the Lord

6. Discernment…to distinguish between what is leading us closer to God and what leads us away from Him. Discernment should continually grow sharper as we exercise it.

7. Detachment…the ability to avoid getting sidetracked and to not depend on things or people.

Let us journey with Him as we spend time together, learning from Him, hearing His wisdom and instruction, listening to His stories, watching Him in action and spending time alone with Him.