Devotions based on Margaret Silf’s book, The Wayfarer

“As life moves on, we have to leave behind a phase of our lives that we have grown through, to move on to the uncharted territory of the next stage of our living.”  For most of us the transition is not accomplished without pain, and a degree of fear of all that lies ahead. But there is excitement too, if we have purposely chosen this next step.  Jesus wants us to journey with Him and learn from Him as we walk the road together.  He will not force us to go further than we choose to go. Sometimes this call to move on to a new phase comes with a jolt and we may be tempted to stay in our own comfort zone. But if we do, we will miss the opportunity for transformation. Just as He calls us to become  a living presence of Himself and His love, the enemy seeks to pull us in the opposite way. When we choose to go God’s way there is a sense of rightness and peace. But if we choose the way of the enemy we will feel turmoil at the center of our being as we know we are going off course. May we choose daily for Life in every little thing we do. The core of our being knows that the end is worth the means. May we be willing to face hardship if that is what it takes to live true. There are no short cuts to transformation. “The journey will pass through dark and dangerous places, but ultimate security lies in traveling with God.”