Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book, The Wayfarer

The Lord wants us to come into His presence and be real and open to whatever comes up… willing to take off the censorship filters and let Him be God in our lives.  We need to be truthful with Him and with ourselves. Sometimes we pray about everything except the one burning issue in our lives that we don’t want to look at. The author had two people in her life that were giving her grief and she kept pushing them out of her prayers. But instead God wants to be in all of our life and relationships and open to the movements of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes the seed which has been sown in our hearts seems to grow silently in the darkness and then all of a sudden a new shoot starts to show in our daily life. It seems to amaze us but it is His hidden work.  Often we see the growth of God more easily in others than ourselves. Why not share with others how you notice the Godseed growing and sprouting in their lives and let them do the same for you?

It’s important to stay connected to the Vine as we have all we need to live and grow. 
To journey with the Lord is not a burdensome journey, even though it may lead us through many hardships. The joy it generates in our hearts will make the path easy. He says, “I am he Way on which you walk, the Truth that you are searching for, the Life that will make you fully who you are created to be.”  Let us follow Him as He calls us!