Devotions from Margaret Silf on Wayfaring

We must align our dreams with the dream God is dreaming for us and attune our choices and decisions to the inner compass within us. Just like Mary who gave her consent, we also must make room for Him to make a home within us. As we allow God to become incarnate in us, we have no knowledge of what that will look like but can only trust in faith. But he asks for our willing and wholehearted participation in a living, dynamic process. Often we may have to face scorn when we allow God to become incarnate in our lives. We must expect this even as it happened to Him.
May we also recognize Christ coming to birth in others around us.  “Whenever the Christ in one of us meets the Christ in another, there will be an exchange of gifts.”  Sometimes we might be called to protect the newborn Christ-life in others and take action to help them along the way. Let us also be grateful for the ones who have recognized the Christ-life coming to birth in us and helped us along the way.