Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book, Wayfaring

All of us need courage to face the darkness within us and allow God to shine His light on it.  Our faulty perspective blinds us and we need to cooperate with the Lord as He shows us what is hidden within us. “A decisive act of the will is required to turn away from those things that are entangling us further and further into untruth, deception, and delusion, and to turn in the direction of what we know, deep in the core of our being, is true.  Many times a day we must turn towards the truth and this takes effort. It helps to spend time alone in prayer, reading scripture, sharing with a spiritual director, and being part of a faith community.  As we take time to do this we will soon learn how to recognize when we are running true and when we are running off course. We have an inner compass and God is the center. When we deflect from all that is most true within us, this inner compass will waver and we know that we need to take corrective action. 

We are called to be healed so that we might become healers, forgiven so that we might be bearers of mercy, taught so we might become teachers, challenged in our untruths, so we might become challengers of untruths, restored to life that we might become life-givers etc.