Dear Ones,
Happy Weekend to you! We got some rain but seems to be clearing this afternoon. I spent the morning in the kitchen and tried a couple new recipes which we sampled for lunch. I also took a friend to the Dollar store which is always fun! This afternoon we have some errands to run and I suspect we might end up at Culvers! Emoji
 Devotions from Judy’s heart
How do we discern God’s plan for our life work? Do we just do what we think will make us happy, or are we in a job that was expected of us to take over one day? Perhaps we tried several different types of jobs and one seemed to bring in the most money.
  At this time, three of our grandsons are seeking great jobs that will love and will pay them a good living. For all of us there are many callings and possibilities and we may fill those roles at different times in our lives. I am no longer in the Pastor’s wife role that I was in for many years and now I have more time to study and write. Al only preaches once a month, and leads a weekly Bible Study so he also spends more time studying. He tells others we are a monk and a nun studying in our “monastery!”
   James Smith in his latest book, writes how our first calling is to be in Christ, that is to be loved and forgiven and made holy. We are to live in Him and become part of the Body of Christ. But we may have smaller callings such as vocational ones that we do throughout our lives that may be completely different from what we did previously. The important thing is that we listen to the Lord with open hearts and watch for the doors He opens for us. The bottom line is to be what He calls us to be, which will bring us greatest joy and satisfy our souls. 
   Smith writes how theologian Ray Anderson found his callings. He was in the war and later farmed for some time, and then went to seminary and became a seminary professor and pastor. In finding our vocation, he asked the question, “If_________(fill in the vocation) is the last thing I will ever do on earth, will it be meaningful to me?”  For him he wanted to teach until the day he died and he loved it.
   Each one of our lives has meaning and purpose and let us find what God has designed us for. I am reading from the book of Amos and the Lord called Amos when he was a farmer, rancher and grower of figs to be his prophet. Quite different than what he started out to be and a difficult assignment to speak a difficult message to a people who needed to repent! But Amos was faithful to what God called him to do. 
  May we also be faithful to do the work the Lord has for us, for then our soul will be at peace and our work meaningful. Paul said in I Cor. 7:17 (ESV), “Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him”
Challenge for today: Ask the Lord if you are in the place where He would have you right now!
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy