Dear Ones,                                                                                                                                                       Hope you are having a good day and able to get out on this gorgeous sunny day. .Al’s sister is on her way home now and we enjoyed her visit so much. I am washing and cleaning up and making zucchini fries with Ann’s garden produce.                               Devotions from Judy’s heart                                                                                                           Today so many of us woke up remembering how we felt 19 years ago on 911 as we were shocked, almost to unbelief, by the terrorist attack. We most likely remember exactly where we were when we saw footage of the plane flying into the twin towers and the devastation that resulted. But we also remember how America came together and felt connected all across our country. We felt like one nation, under God and were united together. But there is even a deeper connection we experience when we belong to the family of God. We are joined with others in the Spirit, for we are God’s children seeking to bring glory to Him. It doesn’t matter if we belong to the same country, or the same family, or have known one another long, there is a deep connection. Al’s sister from Michigan was just here for a visit and it was wonderful after all these months of COVID to be together again. We spent hours catching up and sharing deeply; and because we know the Lord, even when we are not physically together, we still feel united. Not long ago we also had friends from Tulsa come that we haven’t seen for a year, and yet there was an immediate bond of sharing the Lord together. Or just a couple weeks ago, meeting with 3 other couples from our Board and being together in the joy of His presence. God has made us for Himself and if we live our lives apart from Him, we are missing the greatest opportunity of a life time, which has eternal consequences. We also miss out on knowing our Christian brothers and sisters who encourage us, who help us on this journey through life. It doesn’t matter that we are not all alike for we are joined by our one Father. Our three children, now adults, do not look alike or have the same gifts but they belong to our one family because we are their parents. Let us not miss out on the most important relationship of all with our Heavenly Father for when we know Him, we are eternally together. As it says in Isaiah 62:4 (The Message), “No more will anyone call you Rejected, and your country will no longer be ruined. You’ll be called My Delight, and your land Married.”                                                                                           Challenge for today: Delight in your Heavenly Father and use opportunities to invite others into the family.                                                                                                                             Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy