Dear Ones,
Happy weekend to you! We had a morning rain and everything looks so fresh. I wrote letters this morning and went for some groceries and to get some prizes to wrap. Last night I got news that another friend died but thankfully she was with family and peacefully went home to the Lord. None of the deaths these past weeks have been from COVID and PTL our pastor’s son tested negative for it too.   
Devotions from Judy’s heart
Sometimes we just know when something is a God thing and that He has orchestrated every detail, leaving us with a sense of awe. That’s how I felt when I read an article by Jim Nelson who was the driver of a van on a mission to pick up Bibles one day for International Christian Literature Distributors. ICLD is a wonderful organization that sends Bibles and Bible-related materials all over the world to give to those who do not have access. While he was driving to pick up some Bibles, he wondered if it would be just a bag or two, but he was in for a big surprise.  When he arrived at the business that was donating the Bibles, he parked and was directed upstairs to the second floor. He was astounded when he saw the huge stacks of Bibles and wondered how he was going to manage to get them all downstairs and into the van; especially since he had undergone triple-bypass surgery. When he went back to start the van to move it closer to the building, it wouldn’t start. Of all places he was presently in the parking lot of an Automotive Repair shop!  How fortunate he was and they got right to work on taking out his old starter and putting in another. But while they were doing that, a Bobcat showed up and the owner was a Gideon who helped collect all those used Bibles and replaced them with new ones in hotels and hospitals etc. He was the boss and had a great solution to getting those Bibles to the van. He removed the second story window and raised the Bobcat to the window. Some of his men came and helped load it upstairs while others unloaded the Bibles downstairs into Jim’s van. There were over 30 boxes of Bibles which meant almost 1,000 Bibles could be sent to pastors and churches overseas who had requested them. When the last box of Bibles was loaded, you can guess how far along the mechanic was; he just finished putting in the starter!  Jim was soon on his way back to ICLD with praise in his heart and a wonderful story to tell. God arranged it all and His timing perfect. How many times does God do miraculous things before our eyes? He is a God of the impossible and there is nothing too hard for Him. Jesus said in Luke 18:27 (NRSV),” What is impossible for mortals is possible for God.”
Challenge for today: Be alert to God’s hand and timing in your life and give thanks.
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy