Devotions from Judy’s heart

It is such a blessing to have mentors on our journey to help keep us on the path and point us to the Lord. As I shared yesterday about Line Dancing and keeping my focus, there are times that I need to look at those around me to help me get the right dance steps. One gal particularly is usually next to me and knows all the dances. I look to her if I am in question but occasionally she has her mind elsewhere too and is gets off. Most of the time I can catch it right away and will continue in the dance, in sync with the rest of the group.  I thought of how good it is to have special spiritual mentors in our lives, but we still need to discern for ourselves. Everyone can get off center at times and our eyes really have to be on the Lord and listening to Him. I just read today from Mark 9 where the voice comes from heaven on the mount of transfiguration, “This is my Beloved Son Listen to Him”. Let us have mentors but constantly be listening for His voice to our hearts.