Devotions from Judy’s heart

Isn’t it easy to do things half heartedly and just enough to get by?  As I read from Ps. 119:10 “With my whole heart I will seek you”, I thought of what it means to be whole hearted. When we are in a group we can easily enter in enough to be respectful and polite. But what a difference when we give of our whole selves!  When we were at Kurt’s we tried to enter in fully with the grandkids. We played hard, and tried to be present in  their world. Two nights in a row we played school and Paige and Lily took turns being the teacher. All of us were totally present as Kurt dressed in his letterman jacket and acted like a teen, Brenda giggled and passed notes to me , I drew pictures of the teacher , and Al asked lots of questions etc. Grant especially loved being part of it all.  You can see we didn’t just sit on the sidelines but were all actively engaged. We had fun and the kids didn’t want to quit when it was time for bed. We have a choice also as to spiritual life…we can sit on the sidelines and be more of a spectator in the Body of Christ. Or we can enter in fully and be energized by the Spirit. Life is only half-lived when we do things half heartedly and we miss out on the deep joy of giving of ourselves to Him. Let us not settle for less. I’m sure the grandkids would have noticed if we were just sitting there bored in their “classroom”. I think it must give the Father pleasure when we live life fully in Him!

“I will give thank to the lord with my whole heart.” Ps. 9:1