Devotions from Lisa McMinn’s book, The Contented Soul

Each moment in our life is sacred and can be savored for what God is doing in it.  “There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven,” says King Solomon in Ecc. 3.   We are given bitter and sweet moments in our lives and he concluded that we should be happy and enjoy the fruits of our labor as gifts from God.  Perhaps he is suggesting that whatever our circumstances in any given season, we stop, calm ourselves and look around for gifts from God.  Maybe when we have had a frantic day we can just stop and focus on the goodness of life itself and the miracle of life.  That means slowing down and learning to just BE without having to DO!  If our job at present is demanding and extremely busy, we can try to balance it out with slowing-down periods through out the day. The author is a busy professor and some days instead of grading papers during lunch at her desk, she just went through the park and walked to a coffee shop. Such things help refocus our desire to live in the present and to slow us down. Let us all look for ways to build margins  around our lives and to seek rest and stay open to the wonder of the moment.