Devotions from Lisa McMinn’s book, The  Contented Soul

“Contented souls have learned the art of sipping and savoring – experiencing life slowly with a leisurely mindfulness.”  That is quite a difference from our nonstop culture that seems to drown out quietness and restfulness. You may have noticed how cell phones take people out of the present moment they are sharing with others and puts their attention to some virtual place instead.   Technology that brought convenience and eased our work has invaded every part of our lives. Sipping becomes gulping and savoring is lost in the noise of multitasking.  If we are to live contented lives we have to say no to some opportunities so we have space to sip and savor life. When our lives are too full of good opportunities we are less available to be God’s hands and feet to minister to others in the unexpected. We all need balance in our lives so there is time for renewal and refreshment as well as labor and work.  Let us seek a sacred rhythm in our lives and we will find contentment expanding into our lives.