Devotions from Judy’s heart

Did you read the news where a man in N.C.  gave out $5 bills on his birthday as he was so grateful he had a home, job etc. No strings attached, just giving money to strangers from a full heart. Do we bargain with the Lord and tell Him, if you do this or that for me, then I will give more in the offering etc?  Or do we tell him if you heal my loved one, I will go on a Missions trip? Or do we acknowledge with gratitude the myriad of blessings he sends our way every day?  God loves to give to us and often uses others as His instruments to give us gifts.  We see this first hand as tomorrow we are heading for two nights in the mountains, as a gift from our kids. What a wonderful and generous gift! Just as we want to thank our kids, I’m sure God loves to hear our thanks, and also to see our desire to in turn give to others. I read this morning from Ps.. 112, “Good will come to him who is generous and lends freely.”