Devotions based on Lisa McMinn’s book, The Contented Soul

We live in a society that wants a good measure of control over pain, hunger, disease, aging etc. We get frustrated when we encounter something we can’t control. But it is in our pain and things that limit us that we discover how finite we are and so dependent on God.  But when we are willing to relinquish control and to take what God sends or allows- not because it is good but because we trust, then God will work through all things to bring about His goodness in the end.  This allows us to find joy even when today disappoints or wounds us.  We need wisdom though to know when to accept our circumstances and when to fight to change them.  If the change we seek is to provide peace for someone else, then it is likely good. If circumstances can’t be changed, then acceptance is the pathway to peace.  Like Joni Erickson who became a quadriplegic after she had a diving accident.  She said when she accepted her paralysis, she moved ahead …she  become an artist, a writer, speaker and founder of an organization to help others who ware disabled. She accepted her suffering and is being used to bless many. Let us embrace what God allows and know we are held in His hands.