Devotions from Gary Thomas’s book, “The Beautiful Fight” with today’s devotional about our eyes

When we look at life through God’s eyes, we become convinced of his astounding generosity, grace and mercy. Sin, on the other hand causes us to look at life through the lens of entitlement- that we deserve salvation without repentance that we dismiss his kindness and question his love.  In Eph 1:18-19 Paul prays that the eyes of our hearts be enlightened so we can know the hope to which He has called us, his riches, his power etc.

“God wants to transform my eyes from being selfish possessors and consumers to being his servants of selfless love.” That means seeing with His eyes and having concern and compassion for others we might otherwise look past.

God sight is a God-gift.   We learn to see situations from His perspective, to love our spouses through His eyes, to see hope for people when they have none for themselves etc.
May we fix our eyes on Him ( Ps 141:8) and settle on what is pure, true, and good. As we do this we will more clearly see, obey, and be transformed.