Devotions from Gary Thomas’s book, The Beautiful Fight

.  When the world creeps into our lives we become deadened to God, and our lives become smaller, more self-absorbed, more trivial and less like Christ’s. The Holy Spirit wants to sensitize our bodies and make us into a holy people, a “God oasis” in the world.  As God’s splendor  breaks forth in a powerful  way , our eyes begin to see with compassion, our mouths begin to speak words of encouragement; our hands reach out to heal, and our feet take us to places where there is need. We are participants in His divine nature.  As we surrender the members of our bodies to become His servants and instruments of peace, it is really worship.

We are not to escape the world but go deeper into the world. See it with God’s eyes, hear it with God’s ears. Feel it with God’s heart. Think about it with God’s mind.
Are we ready for some fresh splashes of God’s glory in our lives?   He wants us to experience His transforming presence!